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How to harvest the valuable knowledge of your employees

How to harvest the valuable knowledge of your employees

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What is collective<br /> intelligence

What is collective

What is Mindpool

What is Mindpool

The future of collective<br /> intelligence and its<br /> implications

The future of collective
intelligence and its

4 ways collective intelligence<br /> can help your organisation

4 ways collective intelligence
can help your organisation

How does the Mindpool<br /> platform work

How does the Mindpool
platform work

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The Wisdom of Crowds, emotional intelligence, and thoughts on entrepreneurship

Mik Thobo-Carlsen sat down with serial tech entrepreneur, Geet Khosla. Throughout this podcast, Geet and Mik talk about entrepreneurship, the wisdom of crowds, emotional intelligence, and funny true-life anecdotes, not to mention...

Global Mindpool and building for a new tomorrow

Mik Thobo-Carlsen & Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talk about how to progress sustainable development in 2022 and onwards, at the main stage of Web Summit 2021. Global Mindpool launched as part of UNDP`s global `don`t choose extinction` campaign. In...

The journey as a repeat entrepreneur (Danish)

Our cofounder sat down with Iværksætterhistorier to talk about his journey as an entrepreneur. The podcast is in Danish. Mik talks about how the gap between frontline employees and managers has grown and how...

The human brain is an incredibly refined prediction machine.

Our co-founders, Carina Antonia Hallin, shares her perspectives and insights on the world of collective intelligence. The podcast is in Danish. In the podcast, Henrik and Carina explore the world of research in...


Deep-dive into our collective intelligence research

Mindpool is based on years of research in collective intelligence.
We seek to constantly bridge the latest research on collective intelligence with an intuitive and practical platform that any organization can use, anywhere. Research is a part of the DNA at Mindpool and we are committed to staying at the very forefront of collective intelligence methods.

Our co-founder, Carina Antonia Hallin, is the Founder of the Collective Intelligence Research Group at the IT University of Copenhagen and Research Affiliate at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, Massachusetts.

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