Our Product

Easy-to-use tool with instant impact

Eliminate information gaps, one-way communication, and time consuming 1-1s - all you need to begin unlocking powerful insights from your employees

Improve performance and engagement with Mindpool


Employees who feel heard are


more productive than disengaged ones


Highly engaged employees means


greater profitability for the business

Employee Churn

High engagement leads to


lower employee turnover per year

See results in 4 simple steps


Setup your first Mindpool

Setup your organization on our platform in 5 minutes. Discover an array of validated surveys (Mindpools) that fit to your exact need.


Collect input from employees, automatically

We know what, when, and how to ask employees for input. Simply decide what areas matter most to your business and let us take care of the rest!


Access data and insights, in real time

We process both qualitative and quantitative inputs intelligently and provide actionably insights to you in a digestible format so that you can focus on what matters – taking action!


Share insights with your organization

We make communication with your organization easy. Intuitively share insights with managers and employees with our dynamic dashboards.

Our Approach

Discover actionable insights about your business

Close the information-gap and keep a finger on the pulse of your company via predictions of performance, business insights, and suggested actions from your employees - it’s called Collective Intelligence

1. The What

Discover predictions about your business performance

We gather employee predictions in a clear overview from employees, so that you can make proactive decisions

2. The Why

Unlock actionable insights about your business

We gather insights about your business that help you understand what drives negative or positive trends based on employee input

3. The How

Get actionable suggestions that increase performance

We rank and prioritize suggestions from employees based on number of mentions, impact, and effort required to act

Our Approach

Mindpool automatically analyzes and categorizes all data

Save time and effort with access to real-time processing of insights based on research. Benefit from having immediate access to highly curated insights powered by new technology