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MINDPOOL – The collective intelligence platform

Grow your business using the collective intelligence of your employees

Mindpool is an intelligent platform that helps companies collect, process and act on the collective intelligence of employees.

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Close information gaps and save money and time by mobilizing employee-driven insights and actions that improve performance

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Manage growth and uncover employee-driven insights and actions to help navigate your scale-up’s biggest problems and opportunities

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Measure and increase sustainability by unlocking employee’s predictions, insights, and suggestions

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Customer-Facing Teams

Your employees who talk to customers are the #1 source of business insights about your department, customer, and what you can improve.

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Customer-Facing Teams

Change Management

Pulse check employee sentiment and insights on change management processes, M&As, strategy implementation, and anything else that impacts your organization

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Change Management


Close information gaps

Break down siloes and unlock employee-driven insights from across your entire organization

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Uncover drivers of performance

Make proactive decisions based on accurate predictions of your drivers of performance

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Discover insights & suggestions

Identify your most important problems and opportunities based on employee knowledge

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Enable bottom-up feedback

Build category-defining culture and feedback-loops to empower managers and employees

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How we can help you

Mindpool helps you harness employee-driven business insights with ease and low cost. Use Mindpool to predict your performance, identify your biggest problems and opportunities, and discover actionable suggestions.

Our approach

Discover actionable insights about your business

Close the information-gap and keep a finger on the pulse of your company via predictions of performance, business insights, and suggested actions from your employees - it’s called Collective Intelligence

1. the what illustration

1. the what

Performance Predictions

Employee’s perceived future performance predictions and success drivers across departments, locations and teams

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2. the why illustration

2. the why

Business Insights

Understand what drives positive or negative performance of your company based on employee insights

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3. the how illustration

3. the how

Prioritized Actions

Discover suggested actions and solutions from all employees, ranked by importance, impact vs. effort etc.

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Our solution

How Mindpool engages your employees and empowers your managers

<p><strong>Employees provide</strong> unique predictions and insights about future performance</p> illustration
<p><strong>Employees provide</strong> unique predictions and insights about future performance</p> illustration

Our Process

The process behind Mindpool

Employees provide unique predictions and insights about future company performance, and Managers receive actionable insights and predictions for better decision-making


We know what, when and how to ask employees

We reach out to your organization to collect tacit knowledge and insights about firm performance

  • Research-backed
  • Engaging experience
  • Top tier privacy

5-7 minutes to respond


Our intelligent platform identifies unique patterns

We analyze the data to predict future performance and help you understand the underlying drivers

  • Tested algorithms
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing

Instant processing


Realtime predictions, insights and suggested actions

We present actionable insights based on collective intelligence that allow you to respond with speed

  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Firmwide reporting
  • Advanced data security

Access in real-time

The numbers to prove it

The ROI of knowledge sharing and Collective Intelligence

Fortune 500 companies lose $31.5B a year by failing to share knowledge effectively. See below how far your investment can go based on your company size, assuming an average salary of $55k.

ROI illustration
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Mindpool is built on two decades of research and case-studies. Navigate the science with our whitepaper.

Customer stories

Dont just take our word for it – here’s what our customers say

Cofenster logo

“We can grow and scale very fast, providing all the data that we need”

“We can grow and scale very fast, providing all the data that we need”

We had a chat about employee insights with Tom Vollmer, co-founder and CEO at Cofenster.

Photo of Tom Vollmer

Tom Vollmer

CEO & Co-Founder, Cofenster
Photo from user storie
Photo of Rasmus Schmigelow

Rasmus Schmigelow

CEO and Cofounder, GOODIEBOX

“Using Mindpool, we are better at understanding what drives our performance and spotting the opportunities early that keep customer satisfaction high and our operations smooth.”

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